The double woman

The double woman is a film about a modern dancer who confronts her childhood in a haunting, carnal dance. As she contorts and moves her body, childhood ghosts and memories are released. It is a film about the secrets the body hides and how one woman frees herself through movement.

  • Running Time: 12 minutes
  • Country: Canada/Germany
  • Year: 2006




Director, Writer, Producer
Carla B. Guttmann

Chris Caliman

Oliver Freuwörth
Bjoern Leonhard

Tobias Schwung

Antoine Bédard
Ingo Zapke

Chris Caliman
Carla B. Guttmann

Arnold Gralinski
Carla B. Guttmann
Martha Kowalik
Nora Leetz

Pre-Production Manager
Carla B. Guttmann

Production Manager
Arnold Gralinski

Hair + Make-up
Julia Immoor
Julia Zemlitskaya

Carla B. Guttmann
Kerstin Krüger

Production Assistants
Eddie Malsam
Sergei Malsam

Title Animation + Credits
Dimitri Nachtigal

DVD + Poster Design
Daniela Höhmann


The Modern Dancer (principal)
Maria Lucia Agon Ramirez

The Modern Dancer as a girl
Anastasia Zemlitskaya

The Prima Ballerina
Anna Schumacher

The Prima Ballerina as a girl
Marieke Engelhardt

The School Teacher
Klaus Pohlmann

 Modern Dancers in dance class
Charlotte Arndt
Jessica Köcher
Dilara Oksuzolu
Anna Schumacher

Making Of

The double woman was shot on location in Essen and Wuppertal, in the heart of Germany’s Westphalian region. Prominently featured in the film are the converted dance studios on the industrial grounds of the Zollverein in Essen. The Zollverein’s complex, mines and railways, stand as a symbol of the early character of Germany’s industrial region. Additionally, Wuppertal’s Gothic architectural style added to the rich poetic landscape of our film.


  • August 2006, Fresh Film Fest, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • September 2006 Toronto International Film Festival, Canada
  • September 2006 Los Angeles Short Film Festival, USA
  • October 2006 San Diego Film Festival, USA
  • November 2006 Cine-World Film Festival, Sarasota Florida, USA
  • November 2006 Ohio Independent Film Festival, USA, Awarded Best Short Film
  • December 2006 Short Cuts Cologne, Germany
  • January 2007 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA
  • February 2007 Boulder International Film Festival, Colorado, USA
  • April 2007 Sacramento International Film Festival, USA
  • April 2007 International Festival of Cinema and Technology, Multi-city tour, Nominated for Visual Innovation Award
  • August 2014, Berlin Cinema Party, Germany
  • September 2014, Sputnik Kino Berlin, Germany, Voted Best Film Of The Month
  • December 2014, International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
  • February 2015, Boddinale Film Festival, Berlin, Germany
  • August 2015, Sputnik Outdoor Screening, Berlin, Germany